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  1. Where should I store my passport?

    Our hotel rooms will have safes. We strongly recommend placing your passport there or in one of your bags. Don’t forget to take your passports when we leave the hotel to travel to another city. When we are out in the city you can carry a copy of your passport.

  2. Can I use my cellphone in Italy?

    Call your cellphone carrier and see what they offer. Otherwise you can purchase an Italian sim card for around €25.

  3. Will the hotel have wifi?

    All the hotels will have wifi—-how well it works will depend on the hotel.

  4. Where can I get euros?

    Euros can be taken out of most Italian ATM machines. Make sure to call your bank and tell them you are travelling, otherwise they will block your card. Don’t panic if the first ATM machine doesn’t accept your card. The Postaitaliana accepts most ATM cards.

  5. Can I drink the water?

    Yes—-water is safe to drink in Italy. We are also selling water bottles to fill up at free fountains throughout your trip.

  6. Is Italy safe?

    Italy is fairly safe. We recommend leaving expensive jewellery at home and not carrying large sums of cash with you at any time. If you have a lot of cash divide it up between your bags in your hotel…just in case. Don’t bring attention to yourself by speaking loudly or flashing objects around …i.e. your phone or camera. The Metro and large tours site like the Trevi fountain are the most common for petty theft so keep all of your valuables on your body with your hand over them.

  7. Are bathrooms readily available throughout Italy?

    Bathrooms are available at each museum. Public bathrooms cost from .50-1.00 euro. You should always bring a pack of tissue as most toilets don’t have toilet paper. You can always go into a caffe or a bar (the Italian caffe) and buy a drink or a pack of gum to use the bathroom.

  8. How should I dress when I go into holy sites? i.e. the Vatican, churches, etc

    Modest clothing is acceptable. You don’t need to get dressed up.

  9. Is Venice safe to visit?

    Many have asked me this question. Venice floods regularly…it is not anything out of the ordinary. Tours will carry on as usual even during flooding. Planks are set up at all the normal sites and we can walk on them without getting wet. If you are feeling adventurous you can pack a pair of wellies and walk through the water. WE DO NOT ANTICIPATE HIGH TIDE DURING OUR TOUR—- THIS IS A WORST CASE SCENARIO.