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Weddings In Italy

Italy has more romantic and historical sites than any other country in the world.  Why not choose it for the site of your special day?  Pick us and we will be sure to make it a memorable one.  Through our experience, contacts and determination we will make a sight to behold for you and all of your guests.

Business Retreat

Businees it's business! Right, but hey, that sounds kind of rough ... and we all know that a little touch to set the right mood could make the difference.  We are all human after all! We say that there's business and better business.  Let's focus on the second one.  Business it's better accompanied by the right ragu sauce! Well, you got the idea, let us show you the Italian way to make it happen!


Wow, what an event, I'll be remembering that for a while... actually, I'll never forget it! Now, that's when you know that it was a hit, when your guests will leave with this mind set. This doesn't just happen by chance. When it comes to your event we're going to be meticulus, it's about the right blend of the smallest to the largest detail. Trust us, we know what we're doing!